500d global draw flicker

Issue #1108 wontfix
ats1995 created an issue

In the first record after booting, everything under the "LiveV" tab is flickering exept focus peaking. Global draw, histogram, waveform, false color, spot meter and vectorscope are flickering between the values from the start of the clip and the current ones. Magic zoom does not display values from the start of the clip. Magic zoom flickers very rapid (ca 30 times per sec), while the other ones flickers way slower. 0,3-1 time per sec.

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  1. ats1995 reporter

    I know there have been a similar report, I might have reported it, but I couldn't find it.

    It works perfect, except for Magic zoom. It flickers only a bit, and also during the second and third records. I also got a ERROR 70. I'll try to reproduce it.

    Edit: it actually flickers quite a bit, so that it bothers. At least I see no difference in Magic Zoom flickering in the first record vs the next ones.

    Edit 2: After booting the camera into movie mode, I pressed half-shutter before starting the record. Then the camera recorded for 9 seconds before stopping the record, redrawing graphics. Here is a vid of it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_MPC8KnXv4&feature=youtu.be

    Edit 3: I got another one :/

  2. ats1995 reporter

    Yep, now I'm not able to get close to the 4gb limit before ERR70 occurs. At this time ML is not usable.

    I don't know what causes it, but it might be some settings. I can switch the camera on in movie mode, press record, and after a while ERR70 occurs. This even happens when no other buttons are touched. And ERR70 occurs every time!

  3. Alex

    Can you check the autoexecs we have used before for troubleshooting?

    Tell me which are stable and which are not.

  4. ats1995 reporter

    None works with my current settings. And by deleting the config file the one you posted here works well!

    Is it possible that fooling around with the Digic poke, and then disabling Digic poke could give some ERR70's? Even though Debug settings aren't saved(?)?

    Here is my magic.cfg file, if it's of interest.

  5. Alex

    I don't think that fooling around with digic poke can do err70 after disabling it; you can try clearing the settings, just in case.

    So the autoexec from this thread works fine?

  6. ats1995 reporter

    I'm not sure anymore. After enabling some settings, I got ERR70 again. But if I just use the stock settings, it seems to be fine.

  7. ats1995 reporter

    Are there any settings that you think could cause the ERR70? Any ones in particular I should test?

    I managed to shoot full 4gb with standard settings (Deleted config file in ML menu, switched the camera off, then on in movie mode. Then I only pressed record button, and left the camera for approximately 21'18".

  8. ats1995 reporter

    By enabling Waveform, I got an ERR70 :) I'm gonna test once more...

    Result: I got another one after deleting the .cfg file and ONLY enabling Waveform!

  9. ats1995 reporter

    Yep, disabling Waveform definitely does the trick!

    Update: Even using the .cfg file I posted here works after disabling Waveform.

  10. ats1995 reporter

    Yep, that is my favorite layout, and the one i use. And then the waveform or the histogram doesn't block any of the live view.

  11. Alex

    I always use that on 5D2 (with waveform on) and had no problems so far. But it's probably the same problem as with bmp_fill (writing to graphics memory too fast).

    I believe Canon solved it with recent firmware versions in 5D, but not in 500D.

    Anyway.. slowed it down a bit.

  12. ats1995 reporter

    Nope, still getting ERR70.

    This counts for all ERR70 caused by Waveform: Sometimes ERR70 occurs after 3 seconds, and sometimes it takes just over 20 seconds for the ERR70 to occur. I have found no pattern in this yet.

  13. ats1995 reporter

    Without waveform, it works well. Histogram is enabled. Vectorscope works well. Waveform is the only thing causing ERR70 right now.

  14. ats1995 reporter

    It doesn't get ERR70, but the waveform isn't visible.

    This counts for at least this autoexec.bin and previous one: When attempting to increase values like aperture, iso, etc, pressing set button only do the same as zoom in button. I can change the value of the selected item, and the menus are "gone". Like reviewing the setting live. If that made any sense..

  15. ats1995 reporter

    Does as you said, and ERR70 in 3:2 and 4:3

    And just for insurance, no ERR70 when Waveform is disabled.

  16. Alex

    My best guess is that it's a race condition triggered by high CPU usage. So the exact moment of this happening is a bit unpredictable.

    It's probably also because the audio chip in 500D is slightly different, and the code is not really tuned for it.

    If you disable sound recording from Canon menu, I guess it will no longer crash, right?

  17. Alex

    If you try to reproduce the error a few times, you get the same message in the log file?

    (ASSERT: FALSE at SoundDevice\SoundDevice_CODEC.c:1080)

  18. ats1995 reporter

    Yes, I do. All the crash logs are identical. When audio is disabled, no ERR70 has occurred.

  19. Alex

    It is the same. So, refactoring the waveform code will fix this, but I'm afraid it will only fix the symptom, not the real problem.

  20. Alex

    A bit offtopic: can you tell me the value of 0xc0f08030 at ISO 100, with exposure override? And also at 160.

  21. Alex

    Go to digic poke in Debug menu, set the address components at 0xc0f0 80 30 and tell me the value. Meanwhile I'll check the waveform math.

  22. Alex

    Should be OK now.

    For the FPS override problem I'm letting it record the first few frames at normal FPS - only for less than 5 fps. On 550D it fixes all stability problems at extreme FPS.

  23. ats1995 reporter

    It is OK now!

    With the extreme FPS trick, I'm getting "buffer overflow" when enabling FPS override, even with CBR 0.1x. A few frames of low FPS are saved before the "overflow" though.

  24. ats1995 reporter
    • changed status to open

    Ok, but the ORIGINAL issue is not resolved: global draw flicker during the first clip! At some builds this issue did not really bother me, but I don't think it's ever been fixed. Only the symptom have been healed, I think.

  25. ats1995 reporter

    When going into live view, no buttons respond. Camera does not boot without a battery pull after using this build.

  26. ats1995 reporter

    It is disabled. However disabling spot meter does the trick. Enabling magic zoom locks up all buttons. No visible sign of MZ

  27. ats1995 reporter

    It's all the same (I think). Of some reason expo.override was disabled by default. By enabling it, I got zebras to work for a while. When trying MZ, all (?) graphics freeze. I can tell because the red battery indicators stop to blink (both ML and canon's).

    Note: that with the .bin files posted today to try and fix the global draw flicker does not shut down cleanly. The blue led keeps blinking after the power switch are in off position.

  28. ats1995 reporter

    Looks perfect at first, but when looking VERY close I can see that when the waveform should have a solid yellow line at the bottom, it on slightly flickers. For now it is very good, but the real problem might not be cured. So it might occur again. I remember in some previous build (something february?) it looked close to this too.

    Edit: MZ flickers slightly.

  29. Alex

    Yes, waveform flickers slightly on 5D too.

    Try magic zoom and also try for subsequent clips (not just first clip). If it works, I'll keep it like this in 500D.

  30. ats1995 reporter

    It flicker a bit to much to be accepted at first and all the following clips. Another thing to note is that the "window" marking where MZ is located acts a bit strange. It has different sizes in LW vs LW when recording. I also notice some stretching. Bokhe circles are a bit tall.

  31. Alex

    For now, I only have a dirty workaround: assume double-buffering for first video clip and triple-buffering for all others. Magic zoom will not work in first clip.

    In photo mode it's OK, no?

    There's a number in the middle of the screen. Can you tell me what values it shows? It should behave in some different way in first clip and in subsequent clips.

  32. ats1995 reporter
    1. 84 works very well. MZ flickers a tiny bit at first clip, and nothing at the following ones.
    1. 85 looks very bad. Zebras make some strange patterns that have nothing to do with under or overexposure. Zebras flickers between these and the correct values. The same goes for waveform and histogram. MZ flickers all the time. Not usable.
  33. ats1995 reporter

    Works all similar to #84 . There are still a tiny bit of flicker when starting in photo mode. To me, starting in photo mode doesn't seem to help anything.

    Off topic question: Why are my 1080p clips 1920 by 1088?

  34. ats1995 reporter

    To me, #84 and #88 could be identical what concerns this issue.

    "So, #84 works better in photo mode?"

    Do you mean LV in photo mode? I find that question a bit less specific.

  35. ats1995 reporter

    Hmm. I'm not able to heal the problem by "moving the mode dial back and forth one notch". Starting with LV in photo mode doesn't help for me either.

    Btw: Switching from LV photo mode to movie mode still causes temporary black screen. Pressing menu or review twice fixes it.

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