By upping bitrate - magic lantern killed sd card

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Hello alex! Love your work but I was stupid and turned the bitrate cbr to about 2.0X and BOOM error 02 and my memory card is completely dead. Not a big deal becouse it was a 2 GB card but would like to know what caused it ? IT cant just die like that, but but. Maybe bufferoverload ? And yes tested the card on several computers and cameras, still dead.

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    Question to the original poster- what kind of card are you using?

    But, what if somehow the autoexec was deleted from the card while the card remained bootable? I feel I have the same problem, as nothing (pc, mac or camera) will recognize the card, this is the second card this has happened to for me. I am formatting in camera (using the "keep ML" function).

    I figure there is no way to fix the cards this has happened to, I only ask the question in hopes of preventing it from happening again, to myself or others.

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