ML killed my auto focus in all manual modes

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I just want to start by saying I love Magic Lantern, it has made my t2i into a professional tool which helps support my young career. That being said recently the new build has killed auto focus for all manual shooting modes, M A S and P. When in any of these modes on all of my lenses the lens wont even try to auto focus. But when I swith to any auto mode like full auto, landscape, portrait, ect.. the auto focus works like a charm. This holds true if I take out the SD card with ML and replace it with a clean SD, the auto focus in manual mode is still broken. Looks like I may need to buy two new higher end cameras and part ways with ML. Oh I forgot to mention the same exact problem happened on two different camera (both t2is) within a month of each other. Thanks for your help. I hope this is fixable. If it is I'll buy you a bunch of Pizzas!

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    Have you verified that you haven't remapped your focus button via custom function? On a t3i, there's a CF option for Shutter/AE lock button which allows various options for remapping these two buttons which include mapping focus to the exposure lock button (*). When selected, the shutter button would not engage the auto focus (as you described).

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    I had same problem, no autofocus after playing with ML, even after resetting all camera options and working from clean SD card. It was indeed the mapping of the AF via custom function (number 9 on my t3i) that fixed it. Thanks.

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