Inserting SD card drains battery

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With power switch off and battery fully charged, I pull out my SD card to extract some pictures. When I'm done, I put the SD card back into my 60D and close the card cover. A day later, when I want to take photos, I discover that my battery is dead (the power switch was off the whole time). Once I pop in a fresh battery (I have 2 batteries), everything works fine.

If I put in my SD card after extracting photos, then eject my battery and put it back in while the power is off, I don't get this issue. This tells me that perhaps when I put in an SD card (even when the power is switched off), ML is trying to do something buggy.

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    Just to note I have this on the 50D as well. That is even after waiting several seconds after the blue light has flashed, the battery drains: but not every time.

    As I say, just to note: recognizing the 'wont fix' flag.


  2. One Percent

    600d.. pulling the SD card even after waiting sometimes crashes the camera. If you put the SD card back in and turn the camera on it does not power up. Removing battery solves the issue. Must be careful when removing/replacing the SD card or you won't have power the next day. It drains 2 grip batteries in a day.

  3. James Pittendreigh

    Hi, I have the same issue with my 60D. Tried waiting a while after power off before taking SD card out, but I still get the same result. Is there a reason why this is "won't fix"? Many thanks James

  4. Alex

    If you are removing the card while the camera is writing to it, there's nothing I can fix => wontfix.

    I don't have any other shutdown issues with my 60D.

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