ML Unified (5DMKII) + Firmware 2.1.2 + "Update File Error"

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I'm having issues trying to install MLU on my 5DMKII with the lastest Canon Firmware (2.1.2). Is it possible that MLU is not yet compatible with 2.1.2 or am I missing something? I have the new autoexec.bin file from February and I followed the instructions to a tee.

I'm at a loss here. I was hoping to do some experiments before testing MLU on a full uni project (short film + music video).

Any and all help would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance! =P

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    Where can I find a copy of 2.1.1? They don't seem to have it anymore on the Canon website, only 2.1.2.

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    Same here. Having trouble finding the 2.1.1 firmware file. Canon removed it from their site.

  3. Former user Account Deleted

    Hi, I have found 2.1.1 firmware for my canon 5DMkII and changed it back from 2.1.2 to 2.1.1 but I still can't get a version of Magic Lantern to install. When I try to install Magic Lantern my camera locks up and I get a black LCD screen. Could someone please tell me which version I need to install and post a link if possible. It may be also be possible that I'm not waiting long enough for the Magic Lantern Firmware to load; but I'm wary of leaving the camera locked up after reading posts about the camera overheating when they are locked up with a blank LCD screen. How long should it take for the firmware to install after the initial installing screen? Thanks, Rod

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