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Jon Fairhurst and I were commenting on C5d and came up with these threads that I think contain some merit:

Ravitej: The white paper on the new 1D Mark IV indicates no change in audio abilities. Alas, it looks like Canon is going to stand it's ground on auto gain. I think for the foreseeable future, Magic Lantern is going to be the prime solution for Canon's infamous auto gain. I would use a Magic Lantern "Lite" for some things not requiring all the bells and whistles now available. I would like to see a Magic Lantern audio-only version providing gain controls and headset.

Jon: In fact, ML lite (audio version) should only allow the gain to be controlled from the config file, and should ship with a default config file. It should also auto-boot and clean up after itself when you turn off the power. Given that, there would be no menu overlay whatsoever on top of the Canon code. It would be 100% transparent, aside from the fixed gain.

That would be a nice version for people who want to record in-camera audio, but who are spooked by the firmware. The only indication of ML would be when you go into the Canon menu and check the firmware version.

Of course, once you remove ML from the card, you are back to 100% Canon code. ML is never burned into the camera.

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