1100D/T3 Dev : Up to date .fir needed

Issue #1150 resolved
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T3s are being shipped with firmware 1.0.5 now and the current .fir on repo for this camera works on 1.0.4 and not the update. currently there is no downgrade avaliable, only an update to 1.0.5 for 1.0.4 users

Could someone create a enabler .fir for 1.0.5?

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  1. HammerSpb

    Checked the firmware ml-1100d-105.fir on my 1100D 1.0.5 - it "works"

    • Menu runs only in P-mode
    • HDR bracketing works very well (just -1.0ev/0.0ev/+1.0ev with 2 seconds timer)
  2. Former user Account Deleted


    Should i download the ml for the 1.04 or 1.05? I currently have the 1.04..... Help, all i need is to control iso and focal length in video mode...

  3. Former user Account Deleted

    Probado el firmware ml-1100d-105.fir en mi 1100D 1.0.5 entro bien funciona solo que menu en modo P y en video no me deja ejecutar la apertura y despues sube y baja de luz cuando tengo luz grabando enfrente.....

    pero ya es un comienzo...

  4. Former user Account Deleted

    After a few fruitless attempts to compile autoexec.bin myself(wrong version of package xy as usual) I used the attached one. It works.

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