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psihodrill created an issue

How i cant make autoexec.bin file ? I have script with fix but i don't know how to save autoexec.bin file

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    Do you mean you want to compile your own autoexec.bin? To build your own autoexe.bin file read these instructions in the official wiki:

    Otherwise try to submit your fix to the offical mailing list: (

    Good luck!

    Martin M.

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    Hi guys, I am a beginner in ML although I have been using it for over 8 months. Although its not entirely related I believe it might be appropriate to post here.

    One month ago my 550D camera got stuck and would not turn on with any card, ML or otherwise. I thought it was bricked for good but then I managed to get an autoexec.bin file on-line and it came back to life. I have been using the last ML build successfully for over a week now however as soon as I put another card on it the camera wont start up. Once I place the ML card in everything works fine. I am assuming that it is the lack of an autoexec.bin file on the card right?

    I would like to have some ML cards and some non ML cards for photography and video, how do I do this so that the non-ML cards work too? Do I just copy and paste a autoexec.bin file onto the non ML cards too? From what I understand they have to be bootable, should I just copy paste the autoexec.bin file from the latest build onto those cards? If not what should I do?

    Thanks in advance guys, this rocks.

    Andre M.

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