50d 1.0.8 firmware for mac

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I'm having trouble finding a mac link for canon's firmware version 1.0.8. any ideas?

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    I'm also having trouble finding the 1.0.8 firmware for Mac.

    I'm not sure why this was marked as resolved, there's still no link for the Mac download.

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    Same here. I upgraded to the 1.0.9 firmware for my 50D because the instruction on ML says to upgrade to the newest in order to install it. And it just gives me a blank screen after the "Upgrade Firmware" screen on my camera. I can't find the 1.0.8 anywhere.

  3. Former user Account Deleted

    Yes, I've looked forward to ML on my 50D and also found it doesn't work with Canon firmware update 1.0.9, which I've had on the camera for 2 months. I still have version 1.0.8 but I don't think downgrades are possible. ML needs an upgrade. I'm so disappointed. Please Trammell, hear our prayer. I'd certainly contribute to a working version. Izwiz, UK

  4. Former user Account Deleted

    A Mac download!

    The link to the 50D firmware 1.0.8 goes to the Windows version. I looked on the web for the Mac .dmg file & only found expired links. Luckily I found a copy on my other Mac, risked attempting downgrading from 1.0.9 and found it works :-)))) I guess a version of ML for 1.0.9 would still be good but at least this workaround is ok. If anyone needs a Mac copy of 50D firmware 1.0.8 I've put it here: http://izwiz.co.uk/ML/ If the saved file fails to open on clicking, use Disk Utility.

  5. Former user Account Deleted

    Much appreciated - since Canon took it down it's been near-impossible to track down!

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