after battery die - LCD flicker slightly and video did not record

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in short, a battery ran out whilst recording and when I scrambled for another and put it in I noticed a slight flickering on the viewfinder. I was worried that the flickering was recording but after turning off and back on the live view it was still doing it. I thought I best just leave it as what was happening was crucial. I have just looked back through the footage (cards have stupidly since been formatted as I forgot this happened) and the clip is only 4 secs long. Either this is before the battery out or this is all that was written to the card afterwards during the 6 mins of 'recording' when the screen was flickering slightly.

no files were missed during the copy from card to PC, the file numbering is sequential as you'd expect.

Has anyone had this happen before?

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  1. Alex

    Flickering after an abnormal shutdown is nothing you should worry about (it only happens on the display).

    Are you sure the camera was recording and did not stop automatically after 4 seconds?

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    glad to know the flickering is just on the display and is not something to worry about. I had the red crossout enabled when not recording and all I can say for 100% sure is that the red not recording crossout was NOT on the display so I assumed it was recording but I am now aware that it was not.

    This is a real worry for me. I just wish I could turn back time and see exactly what happened/caused it.

    Watching the 2nd camera footage you can just about make me out changing lens at the time the recording stopped so I think that's why it stopped (the battery die might have been unrelated) so it seems that for some reason it didn't start recording again when i pushed recording after the lens chance, DESPITE the red crossout not being on screen.

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