Bulb ramping Canon 50D - ISO always at 100

Issue #1190 resolved
PietroGiordano created an issue

I tried the Bulb Ramping feature with my Canon 50D, but even if the shutter speed changes during the shooting (as expected) reaching the maximum of "time of internal - 2 seconds" (in case of sunset for example), the ISO is always constant and fixed to 100. I tried to change the value in the Canon menu leaving it in auto and fixing it to 1600, but in both cases the value did not change from 100 and after the shooting the value was set to 100 even if I forced it to 1600 at the beginning of the shooting.

I think this is a bug, but I might have done something wrong in the configuration of ML

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  1. Alex

    There was a similar bug in 5D2, and it was fixed in experimental versions. Try this one - http://bit.ly/ml-mar23 .

    This was because the 50D/5D2 did not have auto ISO limit in Canon menu, and I didn't know about this.

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