550D HDR timelapse - 3 Pictures set, but 5 are shot

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Hey there, I tried the HDR-timelapse function, it works fine, but there are too many pictures shot: Settings:

HDR Bracketing:


2 EV 0 - + -- ++






So I want to have 3 shots each 30 seconds: 0 -2 +2

But the pictures taken are: 0 -2 +2 -2 +2

When I change settings (just another example)

HDR Bracketing:


2 EV

0 - --



Then pictures are shot like this: 0 -2 -2

Stupid me or bug? Cheers, Alex

Magic Lantern version: 2012Mar23.550D109.alex

Mercurial chageset: 8c127b76cc4e+

Built on 2812-03-23 21:1499

Edit: I tried this in AV-Mode

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    What to do now? Do I have to wait for next release or is it possible to use the changes right now? Copy&paste the new code-lines somewhere? Cos I don´t find the "src/shoot.c" anywhere -.- Sorry, I don´t want to be nasty, but I do a real long "day-to night-to day" time laps shot this week on a great location, and I would be very happy if I don´t have to take 2 extra-pictures each shot. Cheers Alex

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