Cant use an high bitrate on my 600x CF car, why ???

Issue #1215 wontfix
ReflexVideo created an issue

Hi guys,

I have a Lexar Professionnal 600x 32Gb CF for my 5D Mark II and i dont understand why i cant use a bitrate higher than 1.5x, the record stops after 2 or 3 secondes.

I'm now using the March 23th autoexec.bon file, it didnt changed anything.

Can you do something for me ???

Thanks, keep rocking :-)

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  1. Alex

    No idea, but it's not possible to improve write speed from ML.

    I didn't try to go further than 1.4 (maximum limit on new cameras), but some testers seem to be able to do this. Whether this is stable or not, I don't know (use the bitrate meter to find out).

    Disabling sound and GlobalDraw may help.

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