Limited Audio Playback with the Canon 550d

Issue #1218 wontfix
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I've recently installed the latest version of Magic Lantern for my Canon 550d, and everything seems to be working fine except my audio playback on the camera itself.

I have a Rode Videomic Pro and the audio is incredibly quiet upon playback, and often presents a loud burst of noise for a second before either cutting out completely or dropping to an insanely quiet level. I've found one setting I can play audio on normally and it's when I set the Rode mic to +20 dB, but this is the only setting that works.

Surely it shouldn't be like this should it? Is this a common problem or is it just me it's happened to? Any help is appreciated, thank you.

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  1. Alex

    You may try to increase digital gain, but this will reduce quality. Or, record with high digital gain on one channel just for playback.

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