Deadlock on startup with auto-sensor-cleaning switched off

Issue #1225 resolved
guanx created an issue

When auto-sensor-cleaning is switched off, the card LED blinks a few times on startup and the goes on steadily. ON/OFF switch does not turn off card LED. Must remove battery.

In this case taking a photo causes Err 80 and shutter can be closed (reset) only by re-inserting battery.

When auto-sensor-cleaning is switched on, everything seems ok.

Another thing, not sure if related, is that magic zoom flickers. The flicker is much less severe when recording a video than when not recording.

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  1. guanx reporter

    INVALID: The newest working version is 2012-02-04. Since 2012-02-08 there is this dead lock.

  2. guanx reporter

    2012-02-04 is not really stable. I played around for half an hour and switched on/off camera about ten times then the same problem came again.

    Now the latest working version I can find is 2012-01-14. The 2012-01-22 version has this problem.

  3. Alex

    The 2012-01-22 had a major change in startup code, plus some other backend tricks. I've disabled them now. Some functions may not work, but I'm only interested in the startup problem for now.

    Attached binary works only on 50D 1.0.8 (no version checking is done).

  4. guanx reporter

    Another interesting thing is that Jan14 will also have this problem after using the autoexec above. But after clearing camera settings, I cannot reproduce this problem with Jan14.

  5. guanx reporter

    Using either Jan22 or the autoexec above -- Clear all camra settings, all works. Only switch off auto-sensor cleaning, comes this problem. Re-enable auto-sensor cleaning, power cycle camera, all works. Can be repeated.

    Using Jan14 -- Unable to reproduce this problem in any way today. Even after causing a deadlock with Jan22, switching back to Jan14 still works.

  6. guanx reporter

    Got the same problem only once when I (maybe) operated too fast taking / then viewing a photo. Otherwise I encountered no error with this autoexec until now.

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