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DreDay44 created an issue

Before installing ML i shot at 60fps at 1/125 shutter with the t2i. I was told that shooting 60fps at 1/120 was the correct way, however the t2i doesn't have a shutter of 1/120 so I used 1/125 and it worked perfectly fine. After I installed ML i noticed there was no 1/125 so I did what I thought was best and shot at 1/120. The video is not smooth anymore. I also tried shooting at 1/130 hoping it would work, but it didnt. Since there is no 1/125 option can you please help me. I also tried shooting at 24fps at 1/48 and the video is still not smooth. Thank you. I love ML and all of its capabilities. Please help

P.S. The regular screen that appears when you boot the t2i is no longer available to me ever since I installed ML. So I no longer have the option to change the shutter unless using ML.

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  1. ats1995

    If you have investigated frame by frame, ignore this and do as a1ex suggested.

    Could it be the playback? When I try to play back the video files on my computer, they are not smooth. This is because the files are very large and my computer isn't able to play them back smoothly. If the bit rate have been increased, you might get uneven playback. Larger files are more demanding-> you might get lag.

  2. DreDay44 reporter

    Well I must say I was quite nervous with the lag I was receiving. I had done some short videos before installing ML and there was no lag. So I just decided to uninstall it, however now my new footage still has the lag. Thanx for the help anyway!

  3. DreDay44 reporter

    Before I installed ML my video playback was fine. After I installed it my playback became choppy. I then uninstalled and my playback is still choppy; on the LCD screen of the t2i and pc, Is my camera broke? Can you plz help me?

    P.S. I have uninstalled ML and went back the the Canon Firmware 1.0.9 settings. For some reason when I attach a file, it wont send it! This is so frustrating!

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