T2i/550D Audio Recording Problem(External Mic)

Issue #1235 wontfix
Former user created an issue

Hi~ I use 550D and Rode Video Mic Pro. When recording immediately after the power on or wakeup idle, the fitst 1~2sec audio is very loud. alex said cut the first video. but it's very hard to work editing many clips. I'm almost use original sound for video. This bug very big problem to me. Help me, please.

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  1. DreDay44

    I have that problem, but you just have to plan to wait at least 5 sec after pressing record before actual action. The loudness only last 2 seconds for me!!!

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    I also have a external mic (sennheiser MKE 400) and get this problem as well. It is usually the first 2 secs and is very very annoying as you have to edit all the clips!

  3. Former user Account Deleted

    Same thing here with a 550d. Also the recording stops from time to time during the shot.

  4. Former user Account Deleted

    I guess this is not an issue for some since you can just start your recording a few seconds before the action. But most of the time it is not possible for me since I use it to record funny moments with my kids... so I have a lot of clips destroyed by this.

    What is the reason that this is not fixable? Is it too difficult? Or takes too much time?

    Anyways I still enjoy magic lantern very much. So thanks for this great firmware hack!

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