LCD brightness goes to minimum on 550D

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ajs50 created an issue

When turning my 550D on (running ML 2011-12-22) sporadically LCD brightness is suddenly at a minimum. This is very annoying when I am in a bright environment (i.e. outside at daytime) because I cannot read anything on the LCD any longer. I have to go to a dark place, find the LCD brightness menu and set it to a higher level. Brightness then may stay high or erratically go to minimum with any new power on.

Has this been reported before (could not find any similar issue...)? Thanks.

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  1. Alex

    ML changes brightness if enabled from Powersave menu, or with the LCD sensor shortcuts. Check if any of these is enabled.

  2. Robert Copier
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    It happens on my eos 550d too. When shooting the lcd suddenly goes to minimum brightness. I disabled it from the powersave menu and disabled the lcd sensor shortcuts. I.m using the may 9th version. How can I get mu LCD back?

  3. Former user Account Deleted

    I lowered LCD brightness on 600D and it always increases for a second when I power on the camera.

  4. Robert Copier

    I deleted the config file from the ML menu. Sorry. I found out that the brightness was changed to a minimum in the normal Canon menu. I had to change it manualy so could see on my lcd. To bad it happened when I was filming a ship. With the sun behind me I was unable to search for the setting in the canon menu. I disabled the setting in the ML menu for now. I think when making a timelaps I manualy lower the brightness to save battery power.

  5. Alex

    Did you take the battery out while the brightness was lowered? That's the only situation when ML can't restore it back afaik.

    If not... how to reproduce the issue?

  6. Alex

    I've just tried on 5D2, with FPS override on (2 fps), and ML set to dim display after 5 seconds. While the display was dim, I've tried to shutdown the camera without waking it up from powersave, with these methods: normal power off, opening the card door, opening the battery door, and auto power off after 1 minute. Tested both in standby and recording. In all cases, display brightness was restored correctly.

  7. Robert Copier

    I did take out the battery after some time to see if it helped, but it didn't. I even tryed to boot the camera without the card in it but the lcd-brightness was still low. I had to get into the canon menu to change the brighness up. The only thing I know for sure is that I wasn't touching the camera at the moment the brightness wen't low. I was waiting for a ship to come closer and the camera went idle. After that the lcd brightness was at a minimum. I'll try to repreduce this.

  8. Former user Account Deleted

    FYI, I am seeing the same dimming bug with my 550D. Intermittent, but it definitely happens.

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