50D battery seemingly runs out in 2 minutes with ML

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I tried Magic Lantern on my 50D. Works otherwise but when using it, the camera battery seemingly runs out a in just a few minutes. That's what the indicator shows and then the camera shuts down.

Of course, the battery doesn't really empty this fast and I can just restart the camera. But then the same happens again. Quite hard to shoot movies in less than two minutes :D

In normal use (without Magic Lantern) the battery works fine.

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  1. Charligoux Gatal

    Hi everyone! I'm having the exact same issue with my 50D. I can use magic lantern for hours without any problem. The battery runs out in around 2 minutes only when I am shooting video. I tried with another battery, the problem stays the same.

    I'm trying to reinstall everything again to see if there is any change, but nothing so far...

    Thank you for your help anyone :)

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