Enabling False Colors separate from other Overlays

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ddmincorporated created an issue

I think this feature request would benefit all camera models.

Normal video shooting mode with ML is to have the overlays displayed and turn everything off to check the image. When preparing to shoot, I want to check Focus and Exposure separately. That is, I'd like to turn on peaking to set focus then turn on False colors to set exposure.

Right now, as far as I can tell, the only way to do that is to drill into the ML menu each time. I would like to be able to activate just False Colors to get exposure or just peaking without having to go into the menus. If a compromise is needed, I could live with Peaking being sticky (i.e. it works as it is now) but False Colors be enabled either with another button (perhaps assignable) or have False Color mode be yet another display in the ring of displays pressing INFO. Thanks.

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  1. ddmincorporated reporter
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    THere are places in the user guide that say to set a Display Preset but nowhere does it say how to create a Display Preset. Googling Display Preset also shows hits about using a Display Preset but nothing about creating one. I cannot find anything in the 5D unified ML menus about Display Preset.

    So how does one create a display preset?

  2. ddmincorporated reporter

    The ML wiki did not say how to actually assign settings to a Display Preset. Neither does the User Guide. Through experimentation, I discovered that the INFO button on the 5D changes the Display Preset being used. I updated the wiki to describe how to use Display Presets and assign values to them.

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