550d stopped after video. Lcd won't work now.

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Selimson created an issue

Hello guys. I have a 550d with magic lantern installed on it. I had been using it for couple of months without any problem. Until now.

Yesterday morning I set my cam on my tripot with framerate of 4 fps hdr video with 3ev settings to capture hdr video of Mt. Fuji. I slept after that because I knew that after movie hits 4gb , it stop recording. (using a 64 gb xd sd card)

When I woke up , I found my cam still turned on but a blank screen. Now screen doesn't show anything but a black screen. It boots normally, reads from sd card , lcd backlight turns on but there is just a black screen. It take photos and if I press play button it seems reading photo data from the card but screen won't change. Everything seems normal except blank lcd.

If you have an advice for this situation please assist me.

Thank you.


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  1. Alex

    Does it work without a card, or with a formatted card?

    After changing the card, take the battery out (important).

  2. Selimson reporter

    Thank you for your reply

    Yes, i took the battery out, put a formatted 4gb sd card, put battery again and switched camera on. Same result. Everything works fine except lcd. It shows a black screen. When I look from viewfinder lcd back light turns off so I assume lcd works.

    I tried using formatted sd card, old sd card with magic lantern installed and with no card inserted. All same, blank screen. I also changed lenses and batteries. No luck.

    It's so strange.

    Can I make factory reset ? Re install factory firmware?

  3. Selimson reporter

    Yes it shows a black screen and backlight is still visible. I can see it turns off if I press to disp button.

    I can't see any menu or any other thing.

  4. Alex

    I can reset it to defaults, but I doubt it's a software problem. I'd first get a debug log, to see if there are any error messages from Canon.

    Do the pictures come out well? Are they saved correctly on the card?

    How long did it record before failing?

  5. Selimson reporter

    Thank you for your fast replies. Pictures come out well. Movies too. Last recording was an 8 min hdr video. Last minutes of it was over exposed. File was nearly 1.8 GB big. Can you tell me which file is debug log?

  6. Selimson reporter

    Log file is generated but didn't understand anything from it.

    Before generating log file, I tried to install official firmware with EOS Utility by connecting with usb cable. I was going to send it to Canon service. Not sure it is installed correctly, no way to confirm. Still there is no change with the camera. With or without an sd card or with ML installed card, it shows blank screen.

  7. Alex

    For Canon firmware, you need to confirm the action from the camera, even if you do this via EOS utility. But in my experience, updating it does not reset your settings (so it's unlikely to fix anything).

    I don't see any error messages in the log file, so I think the problem is at hardware level.

  8. Former user Account Deleted

    That sounds scary! Is it still bricked? If it is, someone should post this to the main page of the magc lantern wiki...

  9. Former user Account Deleted

    Did you send it to canon? If you did: PLease report any reaktion or any hardware defekt...

  10. Selimson reporter

    Camera returned from service. Service log says that LCD screen has been replaced. It looks like lcd was damaged.

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