Bulb Ramping Canon 550D

Issue #1274 wontfix
foto4LeX created an issue

Hi, first of all I have to say thanks for the ML software, its amazing. I have been desperately trying to get the bulb ramping feature to work on my Canon 550D. I set it up, all is good, it calibrates, I choose the 50th percentile and let it run. But the pictures it takes are all extremely overexposed, it only uses 1s shutter speed how can I make it take proper exposures based on the scene. Please help, i have the Xmas 2012 edition of ML.

Thanks Alex

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  1. foto4LeX reporter

    I just ran another test on the camera and I think I resolved one issue, but discovered another. So if I run the bulb ramping with silent pic, it does not change shutter speed, stays only on 1s, but, not in noisy mode, there is no problem, it calibrates quite well. So the issue is the silent pic mode that's throwing off the bulb ramping.

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