60D Battery drain while off

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Rippsy created an issue

The battery is draining while the camera's power switch is in the "off" position.

Steps to reproduce issue:

turn camera on

move power switch to off position

SD LED flashes once

Camera turns off and battery drains

Currently the only work around I've found is to remove the battery while the camera is off.

Magic Lantern 2011Dec22.60D110.alex (394c773262f4 (unified) tip)

Build on 2011-12-22 19:47:15 by alex@karmic

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  1. Rippsy reporter

    Doing a test now on my 2nd battery.

    Camera is on, Battery lvl as defined by the Power screen in ML is 100%, 3h11m, 31%/h (11:06am) Turn camera off sensor cleaning screen appears, LED flashes once. Will update in 2 hours with battery level.

  2. Rippsy reporter

    12:06 - no change in battery level, I've set the camera to video mode with liveview on and turned it off again to see if this will prompt the battery discharge.

    This is an off-brand battery (as my Canon one is flat) so this might not be reporting correctly. I'll perform a similar test tomorrow when I have access to my Canon charger.

  3. Rippsy reporter

    I'll try and nail down the exact process order that bugged my camera and I'll postpone this until I find it :)

  4. Alex

    When it happens, you won't be able to power on the camera again (you'll have to take the battery out).

    Try looking at follow focus, it is a bit unstable on 60D. Maybe it's related.

  5. Rippsy reporter

    So when it happens effectively its crashing the camera and thus stopping it performing a proper shutdown, so instead of waiting for a battery drain I can try and turn the camera back on, if it doesn't come on - its crashed and in this drain-state.

    I'll do some tests later when I have time and see if I can reliably replicate the issue

    Haven't used any of the more advanced features - the only thing I installed ML for in this instance was audio int mic to L channel and ext mic to R channel. Literally change no other settings off default.

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