allow for regular focus patterns to be used when using "focus patterns" option

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Matias v01d created an issue

It would be very nice if it were possible to choose between default focus patterns only and custom ones (already present with "focus patterns" option).

Having the same set of "one point only" focus points usable from this function allows quick selection using arrow keys without requiring pressing the focusing point selection button, while retaining the default set of focus points (which I rather use, instead of the custom ones).

On 550d this is quite annoying since it requires: a) the shutter button to be half-pressed b) pressing focus selection button then, but before exposure reading expires. If the time expires, you must press the focus point selection button again.

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  1. One Percent

    What do you want? It doesn't make sense. You can already select 1 point only. I use the patterns... specifically the center X pattern. I wish you could flip through them more easily than having to do blind arrow key gymnastics but I don't think that is easy to change.

  2. Matias v01d reporter

    I'll try to explain myself again. On 550d (in contrast to for example a film Elan 7N (or EOS 33V)) you cant simply use the arrow keys to select a single focusing point. You have to do, in order: 1) half-press shutter to activate measuring 2) press the focus selection point BEFORE the measuring expires 3) and then you can select focusing points. If you choose one, the measuring expires, to change your selection you have to go through 1) and 2) again. For critical moments, this is made me loose some pictures where I needed to quickly change the focusing point.

    ML has the possibility to choose focusing point without having to go through 1) and 2). Ýou simply go to 3) by using the arrow keys (assuming my face is against the camera so the sensor turns the display off). The problem is that when I use this feature I have a new set of focusing points which I don't normally want. I already have one-point patterns but going from the left to the right I have to scroll between many focusing patterns in the middle before I get to what I want. This is also problematic and slows me down. I whish this same feature could be restricted to use just the one-point patterns.

  3. One Percent

    Ahhh... I see. Lets start with the points being visible, lol. I have to pick the patterns blind on 600d and then check to see what pattern was selected. If I mess up I have to reset to automatic selection. I have the opposite problem and keep getting stuck in single point mode. Most people pre-set the pattern before the shot but I can see how it can be a PITA to take your face from the viewfinder. I'd settle for the way it works on 400 plus even where you can select the points from the screen.

  4. Matias v01d reporter

    So your problem is that ML focus point selection does not light up in the viewfinder? In my case it does.

    Anyway, I think my proposal would allow users to maintain current functionality since I would like to be able to choose between current set of ML's focusing patterns and a narrower set containing only one-point patterns. In other words, what already works will continue to work (and what doesn't, in your case, will continue to not working i guess), but an extra option will be available.

  5. Matias v01d reporter

    In my case I'm proposing to choose between the current set of patterns and a subset of them, I'm not proposing full custom patterns. So I guess it would be a matter of adding a simple choice in the menus.

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