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Hi Alex. Is it possible to add one more option to the Global Draw: Off when recording starts and on when recording stops. I think it will be very useful for recording with the higher Bit Rate without to turn on and off every time the Global Draw manually.

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    Ok. I did as you said, but it is only off minimum after 5 sec. So with High Bit Rate camera may stops before 5 seconds. Then may be you put also in this option 0 seconds, to off the Global Draw immediately after record starts? Thanks.

  2. Alex

    Did you notice any better performance with globaldraw off?

    ML pauses all drawing operations when the buffer is almost full, so there shouldn't be any need for this. Also, I'm testing with a class 2 card and didn't notice any increased chances of recording stopping, compared to plain Canon firmware.

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