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I did a really long extensive video shoot. Towards the end of the night I noticed some old images were showing up on my screen when trying to shoot a new video.

It's been weeks. I've cleared the card of those videos and still, I've powered down the camera multiple times. Those same burned in images display on my LCD faintly but very noticeable when I try to take a video or still.

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  1. TreenMedia reporter

    Hardware meaning my camera now has those images somewhere locked into a circuit board on my camera...

    So what do I do?

    If I pull the card out and turn the camera on and try to take a pic with the LCD it works fine. When I put the magic lantern sd in it comes back.

  2. JNC

    Like Alex said. It's the hardware. It must have come from the extensive video shoot, or you let the LCD "burn" by using it for a long time without any breaks. The LCD sometimes does that, don't use the camera for a few days to let the burn "get out" (Read the camera's manual, it's actually where I found most common camera problems).

  3. TreenMedia reporter

    I appreciate both you guys trying to help. I understand you think it may be something that happened to the LCD display. It only happens when ML tries to do the overlay for live view in stills or movie mode. It's a split second after the mode starts. Like its the exposure indications ( the very cool ML feature that tells you when something is blown out or underexposed) gone wrong. It does not happen in any other camera or ML menu or feature. It doesn't happen in live view if I take the ML SD card out or put a non ML SD card in.

    I kook your advice, I did read the manual. It didn't mention this issue. You also said to just wait, it's been about 2 weeks since my shoot. I've gone without using my camera for more then a couple days.

    The issue seems to not come up for about 5 sec if I cycle a non- ML card in first. Very weird.

    I'm no LCD expert but have been using them for along time. I've never seen anything like this. I do believe it's an issue with ML. I'd just like advice at what I can do to try to fix it as I REALLY like the product.

    Should I try deleting the card completely and reload the software? I don't mind putting in a little effort. I don't think I could live without your software no after using it a couple months.

  4. TreenMedia reporter

    I'm so so sorry. Yes, I had ghost image on. I had no idea that it could be a feature. I turned it ghost image off and now everything works great! I must have hit the live view button on when I had an image up in preview. It locked it in even though I've long since deleted the image. Your guys customer support, or volunteer support, is GREAT!

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