500d sensor temperature

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ats1995 created an issue

My thermometer says 17 degrees Centigrade after 12+ hours, while ML says 8 degree Centigrade. More readings coming...

19.6°C = 144 raw units (22.12.11 build)

8.1°C = 132 raw units

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  1. ats1995 reporter

    IR, I have no idea, it's a cheap one. It's actually a alarm clock, but it's accurate enough to tell that ML shows wrong Celsius value.It's not 8 degrees in my bedroom...

    How old versions are you suggesting. I have a bunch :P

  2. ats1995 reporter

    Do you need ore readings? It might be hard with more extreme values, unless I put it in the freezer :S

  3. Alex

    You can let it in liveview for a while (so it will get hot), then let it cool down, and post a few readings in both directions. But you need a thermometer that looks at sensor temperature.

    Still, with those two points it's probably a good approximation.

    550D formula: raw * 3/2 - 202

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