Flashlight, colour schemes, Stick DOF & auto-repeat navigation

Issue #1288 resolved
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A few observations on commit 8e2b910ac008 on a 550D:

  1. LCD flashlight: works but prints a crash message and produces a crashlog specifying a LV task (LV was not active)

  2. Colour schemes: don't have an effect any more, either for the ML menus or on the Canon status screen.

  3. Raise/lower display: don't have an effect any more.

  4. Sticky DOF doesn't stick.

  5. ML menus: the menu navigation keys don't auto-repeat any more.

I love new the automatic x5/x10 manual focus aids in LV. Would it be possible to only activate them when the lens is switched to MF?

Great work, thanks so much.

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  1. cbob
    • changed status to open

    Changes 1 - 5 work perfectly, thanks.

    As to my final request: here's a patch. I'm not sure what the best way to do this is, but below is a diff to shoot.c to only trigger when in MF mode. It's a menu option, in case some want it in AF mode too?

    < static CONFIG_INT( "zoom.manual_only", zoom_manual_only, 0);
    <         if (hs && lv_dispsize == 1 && !(zoom_manual_only && !is_manual_focus()))
    >         if (hs && lv_dispsize == 1)
    <     if (zoom_manual_only && !is_manual_focus()) return;
    <                 .name = "Zoom on Focus          ",
    >                 .name = "Zoom on Manual Focus   ",
    <             {
    <                 .name = " ... only in MF mode   ",
    <                 .priv = &zoom_manual_only,
    <                 .max = 1,
    <                 .help = "Zoom HalfShutter and on-Focus only when in manual focus."
    <             },

    ...and to lens.c so that the auto-zoom only kicks in when you turn the focus ring and not just zoom: (focus length being affected by focal length)

    <     static unsigned old_focal_len = 0;
    <     if (lv && (old_focus_dist && lens_info.focus_dist != old_focus_dist) && (old_focal_len && lens_info.focal_len == old_focal_len))
    >     if (lv && old_focus_dist && lens_info.focus_dist != old_focus_dist)
    <     old_focal_len = lens_info.focal_len;
  2. Alex

    What zoom lens do you use? I didn't notice any false trigger with 18-55 kit.

    For the two triggers, I've added an option like this: OFF, MF, AF+MF.

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