EOS 550d /LCD Sensor shortcuts don't work since April 9th Update except for Magic Zoom and Global Drawing not possible together with Canon menu bars in LV

Issue #1291 wontfix
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I didn't find anything covering this in the changelog (checked back to November 2011).

Since I installed the April 9th autoexec the LCD Sensor shortcuts in LV won't work anymore, the mask with the shortcuts doesnt pop up either.


When I cover the sensor and press arrow up / down or left / right all it does is moving the AF box, Magic Zoom works though as usual by pressing the zoom button.

LCD Sensor Shortcuts are activated in ML, LCD Auto off in the Canon Menu is acitvated.

I browsed the bugtracker and found this post in which an updated Autoexec (May 8th) has been linked by Alex. Installed it, but has no effect whatsoever.


Also it worries me that Global drawings like Histogram don't work together with the Canon tool bar display mode in LV, I have to skip through the modes with Display.

When I press half-shutter the Canon menu bars appear as long as I hold the button.

In Dec 22nd Version everything was working fine.

If any of this is an intentional feature I'm sorry for the trouble.

Thanks and best regards, Tobi

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  1. Alex

    Shortcut method was changed - they are all on the Flash button now. See the Tweaks menu.

    ML graphics are only displayed when Canon graphics are turned off, to prevent fighting between them.

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    Ok thanks for the very fast answer!

    I assumed it had something to do with the Graphics fighting each other but wasnt sure. Its hard for me to follow since english isnt my first language.

    I noticed the change in the Tweaks menu and the Flash button, but this only has effect in movie mode (where its working fine).

    In Photomode (doesnt matter which) pressing the Flash button activates flash but no shortcuts possible either.

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