Holding arrow button pressed, changing Shutter in Expo Menu, will result the camera to crash

Issue #1300 resolved
Former user created an issue

No matter if I'm in Manual-, TV- or Moviemode (modes in which you can change Shutter), I'll get the Camera to a full crash when I press arrow button left or right more than ~ 2 seconds in Expo Menu.

After holding the an arrow button, Shutter value decreases or increases to its minimum/maximum.

When its reached the final value you can't do anything except pulling the battery.

In TV and M mode the Camera stays on without a "crash log" message which seems logic because thats what changed in today's release.

in Movie mode it brings the "Crash log"-message though. The camera shuts down completely as well.

Tried it with April version and all three May versions so far (not with the xmas release), all share the same problem.

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