Buggy Diag Wheel ? does not work anymore using May builds (500D)

Issue #1313 wontfix
Former user created an issue

Hello, First of all, thanks for the huge work on all theese FW , can't use my 500D without magic lantern.. :))

also, I downloaded different versions of ML (on the May 14th and 15th builds) but, it seems that the diag wheel is buggy , does not work anymore in certain modes.

In A-DEP movie mode remaped via ML ,i can't use dial wheel In Manual Mode, i can use it .

any help much appreciated, ergonomy is suffering from this :)

Again, thanks a Lot for your work.

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    thanks for the quick awnser, but , even with exposure override turned to Off, i can't change any values, or even switch tab in the ML menu.

    The only moment the Wheel works as it worked before May updates, is when I go to Manual mode. All the others modes kill the wheel .

    Any advice ?

  2. ats1995

    Hmm, I have not noticed any changes during the latest builds when it comes to the scroll wheel. To me it works in every mode, except movie mode menus. (it's never worked). I believe this is because it is hard to get working stably.

  3. Former user Account Deleted

    hi ats1995 , thank you.

    you're right, that's a non-event . I deleted config file , and restarted with the last version . I did not made any change in the menu, and, the wheel does work efficientely, in the different modes.

    Thanks @a1ex and you .

    Keep it up the great work.

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