Auto BurstPicQuality does not work

Issue #1315 wontfix
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Auto BurstPicQuality does not work on 600D with latest ML.

Look at problem:

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  1. scrax

    With a fast card it starts to change after 15 raw+L and so it's too late, it's already busy. leaving for a little the shutter will help in changing size before 15 raw+L.

    I think that a user configurable number of pic for each size can be simpler to adapt to each card. It need to change size before filling the buffer.

    I've tried to change something in:

    if (burst_count < 4) decrease_pic_quality(); 

    but without any noticeable difference, also in propvalues.h there is this, is it ok?:

    //~ extern int burst_count;
  2. Alex

    I think the problem is that 600D refuses the picture quality change in the middle of shooting.

    Did it work in any older version?

  3. scrax

    I've tried to load some old autoexec.bin but they are not loaded anymore by my 600D 'cause the new firmware, so i can 't confirm you nothing but from what i remember it always had this problem.

  4. Former user Account Deleted

    Will it drop raw down to jpeg? Raw+L is a tad overkill. I'd be happy with shooting all raws then dropping to jpg when buffer is used up. I'll test and see.

  5. Former user Account Deleted

    Just confirmed it does not work from any setting. It switches after the camera finishes writing pics.

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