Feature Proposal: Uncompressed video out

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One of the things the DSLR's are missing is a way to stream out uncompressed video. I have a strong backgrounds in electronics and would like to help build an add-on to make this a reality. I noticed that there is an unused serial port on the bottom of the battery compartment, and I would like to either connect this to a microcontroller or fpga to stream out uncompressed video to USB 3.0, SDI, or Gigabit Ethernet interface. Is this possible? Can the DIGIC chip output uncompressed or relatively uncompressed data through that serial port? What speed is that port?

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    Well, I understand this isn't a priority, but there are lots of people who would love to have this. If anyone discovers anything related to the serial ports, or any unused high-speed pins on the DIGIC chip, please let me know (tiger37@gmail.com)

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