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Issue #132 invalid

why 0.1.7 was never released for 5dm2?

Anonymous created an issue

Hello. Sorry for posting here.. But wonder why 0.1.7 was never released for 5dm2?... Seems that you have fully switched to 7d, but why? Especially considering that FullHDMI was solved on 5dM2 by you.. Really hope to see it live! Thank you!

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  1. Anonymous

    Bigger question is why more people aren't asking this same question? Looking forward to an update! :-)

  2. Anonymous

    0.1.9 NOT WORKING at all - 5D MK II firmware 2.0.8 - it's frizzing thru reboot ??? Any suggestions ?

  3. Anonymous

    Yep 5dmk11 says firmware update program Loading... then screen blanks and nothing happens. Have to remove battery to restart camera...

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