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Installed ML on a T3i and wanted to disable Exp Sim in manual mode. But says "Could not set Ex. Sim". Can somebody confirm this function doesn't work in this camera model. Thank you.

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    No, it is in Manual mode. I'm trying to use it to shoot photos tethered to the computer with flash. I'm using 1/125 f14. So basically if I cannot turn exp sim off. I only get a black screen. Canon knows profesionals use this feature very much so they have disabled it in lower models and enabled it in 7d/60d etc... Basically what it means is that you cannot use the camera in live view in the studio. A pretty little detail teh canon guys neglected in the brochures. Thanks for the attention.

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    I'm sorry I only have a 600d and 1dsmarkIII here. In my 600d, when setting Ex. Sim: Off it says "Could not set Ex.Sim" in all modes except movie mode where it goes to Ex. Sim: Movie.

  3. Former user Account Deleted

    Sorry, I missed the link. With this version (2012may15) the menu is diferent, in exposure section the "Lv Display" is set to : Photo, ExpSim, and it cannot be changed, when I press Set, nothing happens. Is this the section I should be looking or there is an option somewhere else? Thank you.

  4. Former user Account Deleted

    same thing for me... cannot change exp sim.. wanted to try it out.

    also wish setting af points was as easy as on 400d... if I change focusing screen and lose the dots I'm SO, they don't show on the LCD.

  5. Alex

    Yes, you should be able to set it to "Photo, no ExpSim".

    Can you do this in any other mode? (Tv, Av...)

    If not, there's nothing I can do. You can however try exposure override, and have some settings for preview (framing) and other settings for actual picture taken.

  6. Former user Account Deleted

    Tried with several modes but I cannot set it to "Photo, no ExpSim". I was wondering...The camera turns off exp.sim when in bulb or if flash is detected. Would there be a way to force the camera into flash mode? What I mean is not to run on the included "on-camera" flash but to make the camera believe it has a compatible Canon flash (like a speedlite) attached to it so it would turn off ex.sim automatically. I tried exposure override but I still don't find the way to set two different exposures, I will read the guide more carefully.

  7. scrax

    there is a problem with the deactivation of the function, something is still selectable in expo menu and shows :1 nothing written before, if selected it change to zero and then camera hang, battery pull needed, i've removed it with this at the end of shoot.c:

        #ifndef CONFIG_600D // doesn'tworkstation
        extern struct menu_entry expo_tweak_menus[];
        menu_add( "Expo", expo_tweak_menus, 1 );
        extern struct menu_entry expo_override_menus[];
        menu_add( "Expo", expo_override_menus, 1 );

    and this in tweaks.c:

    #ifndef CONFIG_600D // doesn'tworkstation
    struct menu_entry expo_tweak_menus[] = {
            .name = "LV Display",
            .priv = &expsim,
            .select = expsim_toggle,
            .display = expsim_display,
            .max = 2,
            .icon_type = IT_DICE,
            //~ .help = "ExpSim: LCD image reflects exposure settings (ISO+Tv+Av).",
            .help = "Photo / Photo ExpSim / Movie. ExpSim: show proper exposure.",
            .essential = FOR_LIVEVIEW,
            //~ .show_liveview = 1,

    I don't know a better way to post it for now, sorry.... and yes i'm a copy/pate monkey :)

    I've also made some really simple mod, like a "EyeFi Trick" submenu for CR2toAVI and AVItoCR2 so one can se the image on camera after transfered. I'm not a developer at al, i'm just playing with what already is here, so now i need to understand how to publish them maybe just to have some more help to understand better how ML works. For example I saw that switching off display is active only for 60D, there is a reason why it's not enabled for 600D or is because it's untested?

    And about this problem, I was asking me how it was supposed to work, because like other posted it changed when changing mode but not when selected. maybe finding the flash detector numbers can be done on chat?

    I've reopened just for the menu bug because hangs the camera if used, I have no clue is there is jus a number like for key presst to find for flash trick...

  8. Alex

    ExpSim normally works by changing a property (one of those: http://magiclantern.wikia.com/wiki/Properties ). But for a few of them, Canon firmware simply refuses the changes (you attempt to change it and nothing happens). I don't know how to unlock these.

    Display trick is not active on 600D because it fixes a quirk specific to 60D (main shooting screen doesn't disappear on half-shutter, like all other screens do). I don't know if 600D needs it.

    To send a patch, you can try this:

    hg diff > mychanges.patch

  9. Former user Account Deleted

    So, flash mode cannot be forced? I've been shooting tethered with live view in manual mode. I'm using a pocket wizard tt1 trigger (e-ttl mode) so the camera basically believes it has a flash. It works but just for ten seconds (unless I keep the mouse pointer on top of the release button in eos utility). Is a lousy solution, that's why I just wanted to make sure there is no way to induce the camera into flash mode via firmware.

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