Time laps with bulb ramping stops on 550D

Issue #1347 resolved
Robert Copier created an issue

I wanted to try a day to night timelaps. But after 30 minutes or an hour or so is just stops. The camera is still on but not taking any pictures. When I make a normal timelaps with just the intervalmeter it works and I can shoot more than 3 hours. (this was the maximum I tested). With bulb ramping on the camera stops randomly shooting pictures. The maximum with bulb ramping on was 230 pictures shot at 30sec between them.

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  1. Robert Copier reporter

    Tryed shooting in Raw and shooting in Jpeg. Doesn't matter, the intervalmeter with bulb ramping just stops.

  2. Alex

    Does it work with this binary?

    I'm going to try it during the weekend. There were quite a few changes on intervalometer side, but I never noticed this problem.

  3. Robert Copier reporter

    I have tryed it and it seems to work now. Starting one hour befor sunset and turned it off 2 hours after sunset. However, as time goes by the shutterspeed choosen is slower after every pic taken. So just before I turned the camara off to go to bed outside it was dark and the camera choose a shutterspeed of 30 seconds. The last picture taken was quite bright. All the picture taken look as if the sun is still up. Is this supose to hapen? Or do I haev to play with the settings more. But the Time laps with bulb ramping doesn't stop anymore. So the version of 9th of may fixed it.

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