Continuous Mirror Lockup During Intervalometer Use

Issue #1351 wontfix
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The latest Unified ML has both mirror lockup and intervalometer. However, can we somehow use them in conjunction so that the mirror is continuously up for the duration of the intervalometer use? Currently the mirror flips back down after every shot that the intervalometer programs the camera to take, but it would me much more quiet and convenient if it can be up all the time. This can reduce the camera shake in astrophotography time lapses while minimizing camera shake caused by the mirror movement. Also, the camera would be much quieter, which allows for an unobtrusive time lapse shot.

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  1. ahagge

    Sorry for resurrecting this, but I'm curious as to the reason for "wontfix". Is it a technical limitation? I have a T3i (aka 600D) that I'd like to use for astrophotography, and I too think that the ability to have the mirror continuously locked up for the duration of the intervalometer setting would be a good thing, both in terms of vibration reduction and extending the life of the mechanism.

    Any chance for reopening, or at least helping us understand why it can't be done?

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