500d Aperture selection with manual lens, err70 and err80

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ats1995 created an issue
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Adjusting the aperture using an unchipped lens in live view (both photo and video) causes freezes and err70 or err80. I believe the err80 have something to do with turning the dial. Still investigating...

The first time this happened, it was not intentional, so I left it on for some minutes by accident. Then some traces from the frozen screen appeared both with and without ML. It was as it was burned into the screen. Luckily, it gradually went away within approximately 10 minutes.

Video: http://youtu.be/rA6TCTwd8Jg

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  1. ats1995 reporter

    Nope, not what I know. It never really crashes, it just partly freezes.

    Btw: I got this one earlier. But I have forgot what caused the crash. If it is interesting, take a look, otherwise, don't bother with it :)

  2. ats1995 reporter

    Still freezes after trying to adjust the aperture. The screen remains as in the video. What happens next is not so consistent.

    The first test, the mirror flipped down and the camera showed err80 immediately.

    Second test, I didn't had the patience to see if it got an errx0 after a while. But it was locked up as in the video.

    Third test: same as first.

    After several more tests, I haven't got any err70.

    Note: none of the pictures are saved on the card, they are just filling up the buffer.

  3. Alex

    From the code (shoot.c, function aperture_toggle): if aperture is not reported (zero), ML should not even try to change it.

    Does ML display any value for aperture?

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