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Issue #1372 resolved
scrax created an issue

follow focus use only one speed for f+ or f++, since the backend refactoring probably, at first I supposed that was a limitation of my macro lens but also my zoom lens that always worked with the two speed now has just one for each F+,F- or F++,F-- buttons. I have not yet tested with canon software.

I can't test older version 'cause they are locked for the new firmware installed on my 600D.

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  1. Alex

    Speeds 1 and 2 are almost identical on some lenses. Can you try to set it on 2? (so FF+ uses 2 and FF++ uses 3).

  2. scrax reporter

    I have it set to 2 always, and now it don't works any more. I've found a 1.0.1 fir so i can test older version now if needed.

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