Intervalometer + Silent Picture stops after 1 minute

Issue #1377 resolved
Robert Copier created an issue

Intervalometer + Silent Picture stops after 1 minute.

I'm using the 15th may 2012 version

Settings: Intervalometer, On, 30s

Silent Picture : Single

It takes 1 picture (one uncompressed YUV422 frame). Then when the next 30 seconds are gone and the second pic is being taken, the mirror goes up again and that's it. Nothing happens anymore. I know this did work before I updated it to 9th of may 2012 version.

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  1. Robert Copier reporter

    That was a quick reply. :-)

    I'm not sure what you mean with the Auto Power Off setting?

    I did try to turn off the Turn off LCD and LV setting. No success. Only 1 picture is being taken.

  2. Robert Copier reporter

    Yes I found it under the first Wrench. I use a higher setting and it works great! Thanks for the quick help.


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