Trap Focus without holding shutter down.

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Is it possible to enhance trap focus feature so it will work when user releases shutter button? It would be more comfortable and useful in various cases - user will not wait for object in focus with holding shutter half-pressed.

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    Maybe I do something wrong, but set half-shutter to repeat doesn't work with trap focus: I enable trap focus and set shutter to repeat every second - there is histogram of trap focus on screen and "HS" blinks, but when object becomes in focus nothing happens (instead of manually hold shutter half-pressed - in this case all works fine).

    The same problem with enabled sticky shutter.

  2. One Percent

    Works great for me: 1. Enable Sticky Shutter: I don't have seconds, etc in latest only on/off.

    2. Put lens in MF

    3. Hit AF arrow (trap focus enabled)

    4. Press shutter to make it sticky

    5. picture is taken when AF point goes off.

    It worked too well and I took a picture in my lap.

  3. Former user Account Deleted

    Thanks for answer. It really works, but only through viewfinder. When using Live View, trap focus works with manually half-pressed shutter, but not with sticky/repeat modes. I deal with ML version 2011dec22.

  4. One Percent

    I'll have to try it in LV. Try the may 15th or other binaries floating about in the mean time.

    I just checked on latest build and it does take shots in live view.

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