I can not install on my 600d

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Good morning everyone thanks for creating this program. I can not install on my camera: I have a canon 600d with firmware 1.1.2 and download the latest version of your program, but when installed it apears load for 1 second and then disappears after the red light flashes and knew no installation I followed the steps in the manual format options to restore Blast Card that I have no device connected.

What I can do?

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  1. One Percent

    Downgrade to old firmware. The .2 update gives you nothing of value. There is a 1.0.2 magiclantern.fir here in another thread but I have no clue if it works.

  2. scrax

    the 1.0.2 I hope; as posted by OnePercent it's just almost a translation fix versus 1.0.1 and for now it's not yet supported on the officials release (it will be supported on the next one). I found the 1.0.1 driver for mac from google with this search term: v101-t3i-600D-x5.dmg try to change dmg to exe if you need the win version.

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