ML doesn't work on SanDisk 32 GB Extreme 45MB/sec

Issue #1383 resolved
Marshall Such created an issue

Have had marvelous luck with the SanDisk 32GB Ultra. So logically it would seem that stepping up to the SanDisk Extreme with 45MB/sec transfer speed would be even better.

ML copies over to the low-level formatted SD card with no problem. But the camera is not seeing ML. Been dragging magiclantern-2011Dec22 on the card--no luck.

Also: Couldn't even drag onto a Transcend 32GB card. Don't know if that's an issue with anyone else but it kinda wastes a card.

Any ideas? Thanks.

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  1. One Percent

    And format the card in camera before you do. The SD people say to use their formatter on cards this size because windows does it wrong. I don't know if that is really accurate but the camera will do it right.

  2. Marshall Such reporter

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    That did it! Not to go all Mr. Spock on yo' ass but....doesn't seem = logical! =20

    Just b/c I reinstalled 1.0.1 firmware from the card then RE-FORMATTED = the card, meaning I erased the CCF11101.FIR right? Then I loaded the ML = software and installed that and life is bowl of cherries? And other = cards that have worked continue to contain ML w/o problems...oh well. = It works!! I'm happy. Bought my filmmaker daughter a card reader and = 32GB class 10 card so she can ML her T2i. Think she'll rock it!

    Thanks so much, Alex!

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