HDR to slow? also live-view exp-sim incorrect ?

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Shanti created an issue

I tried searching and didn't find this issue, so I hope I am not repeating it.

don't know if its a bug or what but has the HDR shooting speed changed?

I am using a 550d with the version from May 9th 2012 before this version when I shot a 5 exp HDR the shooting would be continuous like 0-2-1+1+2 but now when I set it up for 5 shots it goes 0 (pause) -2-1 (pause) +1+2 for a moment I thought it was my SD card, but tried the older version and it worked as I want it (no pauses between shots) also if I set the native AEB in the camera this will shoot it continuous, so it has to be something with ML.

also on this same version, the EXP-SIM when on live view acts weird, I was on a setting that required 1/20 for a proper exposure, but if I set it up to live view, the exposure "indicator" would not move from -1 no matter how much time I set it to, if I exit live view then the exposure indicator works correctly.

hope I explained myself.

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  1. Shanti reporter

    does this means its resolved on the new version ? or is there a version that has this resolved ? sorry I don't understand :(

  2. Shanti reporter
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    It actually doesn't work, but I found out it only happens on AV mode (Aperture Priority) if I use the camera in M mode it works as it should.

    AV mode: 0 (pause) -2-1 (pause) +1+2 M mode: 0-2-1+1+2

    in the current 11.12.22 version this does not happen, but on the may 15th version it still does.

  3. Shanti reporter

    again... does it mean its resolved in a new version? is this version available somewhere? or is it a future version ? thanks :)

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