Shot an HDR image. Now buttons have been remapped.

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Okay, so I'm freaking out!

I got a 600D a few days ago for my birthday, installed 1.0.1, installed Magic Lantern... Living the dream. Then, I decided to give the HDR image capture a go.

I had the camera set to P Mode, set up bracketing in the camera's menu and then had the HDR bracketing set to go in the Magic Lantern menu. Sweet. It took the photos. Yay - happy days and all that.


If I'm in P, Tv, Av or M. The * button is now 'half press' (AKA autofocus) and half pressing the button to take a photo performs the * function!

I couldn't figure this out. I reset Magic Lantern to default settings, reset the camera to default settings, uninstalled ML, reinstalled 1.0.1, then 1.0.2... Nothing has reverted these buttons to their intended functions.

Can anyone help me? This seems like a real enough issue to deserve some attention. I've been unable to fix it or find any help in this regard.

I just want the buttons to work as intended.

Thank you so much for your assistance!

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    I don't have the camera with me at the moment. Will post as soon as I've taken a look. I did not remove the battery while shooting. So you're suggesting there's going to be an option to remedy the button switch under Custom Functions?

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