Finer steps for shortcut key ISO?

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The arrow key shortcut ISOs currently have the following steps (assuming that the "Canon 100/160" option is chosen):

100, 200-0.3, 200, 400-0.3, 400, etc

However, if you go to the submenu, you can manually adjust the ISO in finer steps, which make the adjustment less apparent to the viewer:

... 100, 100+0.1, 100+0.2, 100+0.3, 100+0.5, 200-0.3, 200-0.2, 200-0.1, 200, 200+0.1, etc

So I'm wondering if a third option could be added to the "ISO selection" option:

  • ML ISOs, Canon 100/160, 1/8 steps.

I assume this would then apply to the shortcut key ISOs as well.

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    Yes, they are a bit noisier, but with low enough ISOs not that much. I'm usually prioritizing the overall brightness anyway.

    Personally, I do use 1/8 step ISOs every now and then (to keep the shift in exposure less apparent), but I understand if you don't consider it worth the time to add the suggested option. I'll just have to keep using the menus instead.

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