Freezes during review and sometimes still shooting.

Issue #1398 resolved
One Percent created an issue

Latest autoexec. During stills shooting today the camera froze and lost a pic. Screen went black and red light came on. Had to pull the battery. Right after, problem happened a couple of times and I didn't lose the photo. It would get sometimes show err in the viewfinder or get frozen on the review screen.

Coming home the camera freezes during review around the same pics. I thought it could be exfat or something with the card but I chkdisk and its good. Rolling back to latest "official" stable autoexec and the reproducible review issue is gone. Something is still amiss... no logs were dropped.

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  1. One Percent reporter

    Also happens to 600Plus's builds... I only have the one binary posted in his repository

  2. One Percent reporter

    My binary: 12K + 1565K Scrax Binary: 9K + 1563K

    Any way to turn on more detailed logging?

  3. One Percent reporter

    The system I'm compiling on is 32 bit. Booting it up and checking that compiler switch.

  4. One Percent reporter

    Ok, I have 48K free now. So far so good, that might have done it. Its not freezing on review anymore, hopefully this means that shooting won't either. Thanks!

  5. Alex

    How much free RAM is in the bigger buffer? If it's around 1.5 MB I can move ML there.

    The 60D crashes with less than 1MB free.

  6. One Percent reporter

    So we have 2 buffers and one is like <1mb and the other is 1.5mb? The smaller is almost used up in current code?

  7. scrax

    I had that problem too sometimes. I'm thinking if i start with karnel in 32bit mode, then will gcc works without -mlong-calls ? i'll try.

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