500d crash during record

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ats1995 created an issue

I have got several crashes after changing mode. There are several different ways this happen, but I suspect they have some similarities.

I got one after shooting a pic in Av (non live-view), then changing to A-dep (remappe as movie mode). I then started to record a clip, but after a very short time, the buffer went full. It was somewhat like having fps-override and recording audio.

Still investigating if I ca find a reliable way to reproduce it.

Update: When starting in photo mode(e.g. Av, M, etc), and then starting recording after switching over to A-dep (remapped as movie mode), I get consequent crashes. Canon FW says Err70, and ML gives a error message looking like the uploaded file. (Probably familiar) Battery does not have to be removed.

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  1. Alex

    If I remember well... if you disable sound recording, the crashes disappear, right?

    I know how to fix the symptoms (by adding "nop" instructions to bmp_fill), but I'm sure this doesn't fix the underlying problem. I have no problems without those NOPs on 5D2 (with DryOS from the same generation).

    Here's a binary with ML audio controls disabled. With sound recording enabled from Canon menu, does it still crash?

  2. ats1995 reporter

    No crashes when sound is disabled.

    RAM (starting in photo mode->vidoe mode):

    Current build: 469k + 2882k

    1. 4 build: 416k + 2882k

    I'm not getting crashes by doing the exact same steps I described, BUT:

    By staring in video mode, recording a clip, switching to photo, then video, then recording, I get consistent err70. Crash log uploaded. I also get a huge log file. It is saved after the crash log. Uploaded.

  3. Alex

    When do you get the error? Right when starting recording, or it takes a while?

    Canon code fails at this point:

    11344: 35185.136 [AUDIO] _ASIFAdcIntHandler
    11345: 35185.225 [AUDIO] StartInCBR(4)

    I'm not sure what this means.

  4. Alex

    Let's try with property handlers disabled. Most info displayed by ML is wrong. I've faked a few of them, so ML believes you are in LiveView (so zebra and histograms will work).

  5. ats1995 reporter

    It takes some time before it crashes. It records roughly +-4 seconds before the buffer gets full and it crashes.

    I'm not sure what to test in this binary. I get in lockups in the gui where no button takes me out of an item. For example a picture style menu appears when going in to ML menu. When I exit ML menu I'm stuck in the picture style menu. Btw, that picture style menu is not a part of the 500d FW. It tells me to use two different dials to navigate trough it.

    I went to movie mode on the dial. Sometimes almost everything is black. It's not exposed as black, only shown as black on the screen. But it's super buggy!! If you need more details on the buggyness, I can write/make a video, but since that would take loooots of time, I won't bother unless needed.

  6. Alex

    That's right, this binary may do a lot of strange things (but for me, LiveView works just fine, and zebra too). I only want to see if you can record without ERR70 with it.

  7. Alex

    Now, the big question. Can you get err70 WITHOUT movie mode remap? I've just disabled that feature completely, after I've broken the video mode on 60D with it.

  8. C2S07

    On my 500D that can happen, even with the above autoexec. I disabled the movie mode remap and used the original movie mode to record a clip: crash and err70 after a while.

  9. ats1995 reporter

    I get the same behaviour with movie mode remap disabled. ERR70 and the camera saves two log files. If they're interesting, I'll upload them.

  10. Alex

    A user told me how to reproduce: by opening ML menu while recording, he says he can crash it every time.

    If this is true, I can fix it with a tester available for chat for a few hours.

  11. ats1995 reporter

    Still getting err70. No video saved. This time it took quite a while before it crashed. I was just about to say that it didn't crash when it did. Several minutes.

  12. ats1995 reporter

    I don't get err70, but ML doesn't find the fronts.dat file. Any suggestion? And yes, it is there!

  13. ats1995 reporter

    No crashes with the #24 binary.

    Of some reason the black bar on the bottom sometimes blue... this is using Luma Fast. It is blinking slowely along with the Zebras. By using only Luma, the black bar is always black.

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