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Chris Krambeck created an issue

Hi, my problem is that the 600D does not give users control over the exposure simulation mode like higher end canons like the EOS 5D do, and that the 600D disables exposure simulation only with its internal flash on.

And that is very frustating for me because I have to use an external flash since I am photographing underwater (with an ikelite flash, ttl connection to the 600D works). Plus: As I am after super macro I urgently need live view in connection with flash and manual control over f stop and exposure time. With the viewfinder focussing is not as exactly possible as manual with live view and its 5x / 10x magnification function (especially not underwater with a mask on).

Can you make the 600D using automatically "stills display" with an external flash too as it does with its internal flash? Or may be dissable exposure simulation in live view mode alltogether? In fact I would prefer "stills display" as default because I often use under exposure in combination with raw.

By the way: I heard of a focus bracketing solution for canon compacts by chdk. Is there some for canon DSLR? But ok - that is another problem.

Thanks Chris

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  1. Chris Krambeck reporter

    I'm the partner of christiane.krambeck and am an experienced system programmer. Since I think the issue ist not too complicated in terms of assembly language: (If you find a foreign flash then jump to the point, where the canon-systemflash is detected...) My probably naive questions: Has anybody an assembly-listing of the control-program of the eos 600d at hand and is he willing to send me a copy ?

  2. Chris Krambeck reporter

    focus bracketing might in principle solve the problem of unsufficient control over the exact focus point with the viewfinder too.

    Would also not only be an elegant substitute for the live view 5x/10x function, but a break through in macro photography anyway, enabling focus stacking "live" (instead with dead spiders and motor driven macro rails.)

    Has focus bracketing been tried yet?

  3. Chris Krambeck reporter

    Hi Alex, focus stacking ... fine. But how about focus bracketing analogous to exposure bracketing? I mean a series of shots with flash where the focus changes automatically in discrete steps? (Thus that one can aply stacking to the series afterwards.) greetings Chris

  4. Chris Krambeck reporter

    Focus bracketing: taking a series of pictures with stepwise varied focus

    Focus stacking: recalculating a single picture from such a series with an independent program

    Focus bracketing is realized by some macro freaks - still with high precision mechanics moving the camera.

    The only camera-intern automatic focus bracketing solution I know of is from chdk but for canon compacts only. As far as I know it isn´t on the market for DSLR. And I do not understand why.

    Focus stacking programs are on the market and no problem.

    Bracketing as such may solve the difficulty of finding the right focus in super macro, where the depth of field is extremely small (my primary problem with the 600D UW and without 5x/10x live view function).

    Stacking allows generating pictures with a depth of field not to reach on single pictures.

    The results are amazing (imagine a whole spider in focus instead of its claws only).

  5. Former user Account Deleted

    Excuse my ignorance .. "ML" ... machine language? Your program for the 600D?? And ML allows to generate focus bracketed shots with the 600D?

    And: What is the postprocessing script for? Generating the final image?

    Meaning there is really a solution available? Would be that phantastic that I hardly dare to believe it ...

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