500d Black screen after exiting Canon menu in video mode

Issue #1410 resolved
ats1995 created an issue

Sometimes the screen goes completely black after exiting canon menu in movie mode. I don't have a reliable way of reproducing it yet, but it will come.

I have some thoughts though. I think it might have something to do with the fact that I normally have the screen off in photo mode. And since video mode is remapped to a photo mode, ML might sometimes think that it still is a photo mode. It doesn't happen often though. (These thought may be stupid or wrong, I just had to dump them somewhere to be able to reproduce it.)

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  1. Alex

    This shouldn't happen - screen off in photo mode should only have effect outside LiveView.

    But you are right, movie mode remapping may borrow some elements from the remapped mode. For example, on 60D, if you remap C to Movie, the camera will no longer save your settings (which is normal for C mode).

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